Who are you to judge?

Hi, back again

But let’s go straight to business

Who are you to judge?

I saw two series about people questioning homosexuality and lesbianism well known as fags or les

In these series, they always questioned  the people the gay guy saying God won’t forgive him and he’s going to hell

Who are you  to judge

The other was a transgender and the pastor was trying to cleanse him, trying to make him a guy and he said “cleanse this boy for there is an evil spirit in him”

I used to have problems with these were things but growing up I realised that people get to choose their own paths and you yes you

You get to shut the hell up

Why are people racist?

Why are people homophobic?

Just keep quiet.

All I’m trying to say is people should calm down and reason things

Think before you talk or act

Spread love 🙂 don’t judge



Define yourself ❤

Hey, been long since you heard about me but I’m back now and I’ll continue from where I stopped

Well, I’ve been in school writing Waec, reading, a lot has happened but I’ll go into the ones that I just want to shout about. My birthday passed may 4th by the way, buhari calling most of y”all lazy youths look at me I’m just 15, so most of y’all then. Davido and assurance, mind blowing frigging songggg.

And there you are vibing to the song or eating buhari up

Define you

What have you done in the last five days?

Did you drink?


Smoke weed?

Getting revenge because your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up w/ you?

Baby boo, that’s all unneeded crap!

Go to school?, what did you learn?

We can’t be negative in this era of our lives, we must do better, we have to do better, there is so much negative energy and I honestly feel it’s choking me up

We weren’t born for all these

We have to learn, we need to express ourselves, only a fool despises wisdom, if you feel a particular way about someone or something, easy approach the person, let ’em know

Boo, define you

Who are you?

Why do you live?

Who did you inspire?

Define you.

You, only you

Who you want to be,

Define you.

Tamm cares forever


It’s up to you now☁🌈

It’s new year now🌟

Think of it as new grace, skin, time and even maybe personality.

“Shoot your shot 2k18”. That’s a strong term that only you can pursue

Some of you believe the strife is too much, the hardship… Or maybe there are so many pullbacks but that’s not possible.

Only you can deprive yourself from achieving a goal which leads to happiness

Believe it or not, this blog is a start for me

I was basically put in this world to make people believe unicorns are real🌈🌠

Life’s hard, everyone knows that but what really counts is every second you spend trying to make things better.

Pursue a dream, believe in YOU


Why do I feel like davido and wizkid read my blog😊💌


We are all buff🔥

Lately, I’ve been noticing all these negative energy between our top artistes in Nigeria!

Why am I so concerned

I’m concerned cause I’m shocked about how ignorant our top artists ‘Wizkid’ and ‘Davido’ are to be honest!

I don’t get it, could it be they are actually friends and are doing this for publicity or they just want to actually beef

I thought ‘money matters’ I’m shocked on how these people aren’t willing to get

What I find outstanding is when I scroll through my insta and I see posts like WizKid or Davido

No that’s not how it’s meant to be, we are all buff in our way

Hell, I might just go into music!

But I need these people to know they keep the industry going and they have to or else someone more important might snatch their places from them

Blogger at 14 thought she’d just share her opinion 👯💦

Milli reasons

Hi, blogger at 14 still here. Basically, Christmas is just 8 days from now and yeah that means more food and money money, not to forget the clothes aspect. Yeah, if you just mistakenly stumble across this count yourself lucky cause there are a milli reasons why Christmas is important.

First, I’ve learnt that it’s a time to spend with family and friends, the people who make you ‘YOU’, the ones who give you life!

Ever since I’ve been in ss2 I’ve always said to myself ‘ when I get to university, I’m never coming home, Christmas they won’t see me!’

That’s bad!!!

Yeah I know and now a young blogger is telling you!

Yes you!!!


Hi, blogger at 14 is here

Sometimes you feel low,you feel like everyone is against you, you feel like you’re poor well heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Do you feel like you own no friends, what about family members? ..they won’t understand your ply to be understood

Dear black boy/girl reading I want you to know you have you. Yes, you have yourself

At least you have eyes to read this Post, you have the skin to feel this cold weather💦, you have fingers to comment that what I’m writing is true, all these are signs that there is still hope. Where there is life,there is hope.

I want you to hold on to this statement don’t let go. You will surely love doing something like a hobby ,I don’t mean smoking weed 😂 something better than that. For instance, I enjoy writing, tap into that power you won’t feel down anymore. Talk to someone at least about your problems, you’ll feel better❤

Tammy cares💌

Blogger at 14 💫

First blog post

Hi Tammy started  blogging at 14 is here again. You might be wondering what’s a 14 years old girl trying to do?, is she crazy!

Well I’m here to give you top notch gist about wagwan in the world,not to forget about where I come from Nigeria❤

I’ll also be dropping advises every week and be giving plans to having a happy life.

Yours truly,